Katarina Frankopan Kindergarten

The new kindergarten is located on the northeastern edge of the town, in a neighbourhood composed mostly of apartments for tourists and shopping malls. In response to these rather unattractive surroundings, the building takes on the form of an enclosed and introverted village surrounded with soaring stone walls. Inside, the volumes that house the different functions are combined with open gardens and terraces.

The organisation of the kindergarten is defined by hallways that are reminiscent of kale, the small streets that characterise the historical centres of Dalmatian towns. While the entrances on the east and west sides are used by the children, employees and guests; the service entrance is on the north; and on the south side, gates open up to the playground. In the centre of the kindergarten there is a small square, which like the main piazza of a town, serves as the place for events and celebrations.