Plattform (...ich will an den inn) (dismantled)

The Platform ...ich will an den Inn at the Innsbruck Walther-Park has established itself as a local meeting point.
One can sit, lean, walk, climb and meet on and around the "peculiar" object. There is no sign of haptophobia around the building and despite its singularity it seems to be a real tangible object within the park and park-life itself.
By choosing the unpretentious wooden slats, this "do-it-yourself" construction became a fascinatingly spacious and variegated object. Parallel to the building activities, various events took place around the building site, such as " The River-Workshop" or "The Breakfast at the Inn". These events played a vital role and were used as a kind of "immaterial building-block" during the planning-and building-process.
The initial point for the project was a commission from the "aut.architektur und tiroll",to design an accessible platform for the Walther-von-der Vogelweide-Park, to use during the Architectur-Days 2008 for a meeting and starting point for city-walks and architectural-sightseeing walks.
columbosnext could sense the potential of this commission and decided to carry the selected topic further: " Beyond the creation of a physical infrastructure we plan, through networking, to establish an imaginary room, which provides space for reflection, discussion and continuation of a topic. Something that is relevant for the live in Innsbruck and presents an important potential of this city: the river-area and how to interact with it."
That’s how, on the borderline between the river and public green, this platform was erected, projecting over the Inn, highly visible, easily accessible and multipurpose. The platform also highlights the ambivalent relationship with public spaces.
Columbosnext is part of a new generation of architects, who does not just execute a job, but seriously questions the socio-political aspect of architecture and also looks for the experimental capacity in a pragmatical as well as formal aspect.