The Kitchen Monument (dismantled)

The Kitchen Monument is both a mobile sculpture as well as a prototype that generates temporary public space.

Its installation in urban places of underestimated potential brings identity to the public sphere, enabling people to actively co-create it. Adapting itself to wherever it goes, the bubble’s transparency allows dialogue between inside and outside; everything blurs together, but remains visible nonetheless.

The Kitchen Monument has been installed in many different locations since its release in 2006. Although many different programmes have been staged in various places, its use as a kitchen – the ideal place to connect the private and the public given its potential to reflect urban identities as well as cultural peculiarities and traditions - most clearly defines the concept.

The architecture consists of two parts: the box and the bubble, connected by a steel-grated ramp. In addition to the entrance, the box contains a pneumatic structure, which is composed of translucent reinforced PE laminate and the main ventilator, located under the grating, which continually supplies the bubble with air and keeps it inflated.