RIGA 2014 Pavilion in Esplanade Park

This temporary pavilion is Riga - European Capital of Culture 2014 information centre. It functions also as a stage, coffee house, library, conference and workshop space, cinema, temporary TV studio and garden. Pavilion s purpose is to gather people, inform them and encourage them to be the participants of culture process. It s simple, transparent and changeable structure gives the feel of openness, integrates it in the park atmosphere and allows various uses and scenographies.

Pavilion is situated in Riga s centre, Esplanade park in field of 5000 square meters. Pavilion s volume is shaped as an arch which is facing famous latvian poet Rainis monument. Modular scaffolding structure supports various functional and visual needs. Pavilion s openable, transparent PVC fabric walls and roof protects space from rain and wind, but maintains visual connection with the park. Space is divided in several usable multi-level decks with total floor area of 458 square meters. White plastic surfaces hanged in the structure functions as a shading planes in sunny days and as a projection screens in evenings. Pavilion operates from June, 2013 until September, 2014.

Pavilion is built using rented scaffolding structure. 80% of building s materials will be re-used after dismantling it. No energy for heating or cooling is used. Pavilion can be transformed into "greenhouse", shaded pergola, closed tent or open space deck, thus adapting to the weather conditions.