Cemetery Park

In a elemental way the plaza one archives of permits you to distance yourself from the poor industrial surroundings which precede it, and to concentrate on thje topographic characteristics of this place. It is the side of a small valley where once ran a stream. At the access platform the walls start the descent; the wall that protects the service building and gives access to the chapel. The chapel is the true entrance into the enclosure. It functions paths that lead graves.
Inside the furrow; the selection permits one to recover the cut with the earth from the excavation. This section and the tops of the tress transform this cut into an anterior. A place to pause before returning uphill to the entrance plaza. This is the moment from which the ramp derives its meaning. The construction was based on a small prefabricated concrete units made one site. The chances in level were formed by taking advantage of the material removed, to construct a system of reinforced earth.
It has been a work of reflection on a few ideas all along a very slow construction process. Almost forgetting that they exist. Working on a project that seems to have already existed in this place, and that for some reason was complete with the first movements of the earth.
Finally, an explanation of a phrase from the text accompanying the competition submission: “A relation with the landscape and the forgotten”
The time of the project was established in the moment the cut was made in the earth. From here, the trees occupy and grow in its interior, memories are laid in the cracks of the tombs, the vegetation fills the holes in the retaining walls , and the shadows being to function like clocks over the graves.