LNIV (National Veterinary Investigation Laboratory)

Located in a territory of wide horizons, draw by extensive fields of agricultural exploitation and scattered clusters, the project by its program dimension and complexity, approaches of the meaning that these clusters acquire in the punctuation of the landscape.
The fragmentation of the bodies of which it is composed tries to design the permeability capable of sketching the balance between the building and the landscape - in the way they touch, how they let be and at the same time give their reading.
This balance, not deceiving the real dimension of the building, should also find its cause in the identity of each section of the program of which formal expression is undissociable from the reason that gives sense to the whole.
This arrangement results from the capacity of typifying elements and so establish the rule that allows stating the repetition and the exception.
To repeat means to give better identification to the unit, revealing its capacity for variation within the same rule in order to integrate future expansions. Its principle of design also results of the necessity of modeling the ground. Thus, the design of the unit is the design of the ground itself and sets down in the will of articulating the scale of the place with the one of the territory.
The exception confirms the identity of each unit, settling the scale of the whole through the foundation of references that directs the multiplicity of readings of approaching to the place.
The matrix of the design that we have been expressing is itself the reason for being of the spatial composition of the building.
To condense the complexity of the program, of the structure and of the infrastructure means to produce a space which design is being obtained by the convergence of the different levels of the information.
The space is the leading actor - when its nature surmounts the meaning of the parts that outline it.
The formal conception, far from detaining at any prefigure of images limitative of the research that the project should elect, it concedes, on the contrary, that the formal synthesis is the creative result of the balanced manipulation of all elements that inform about the specificity of the working program
The form is after all the way of architectonically express this assemblage of conditions.