ETIS - Administration and Production Warehouse

At the beginning there was a vision of a simple box that is open to the street and attracts the visitors through a transparent façade. Thin glass membrane links the building with its surroundings.

During the day it dynamically reacts to the light and changes its color from anthracite-black to light blue. Moreover, the building lives at night and under the “glass skin” a colorful performance of its inner life takes place. Due to the transparent façade, architecture gains another dimension – an ability to communicate, exceed the borders of its ground plan, the surrounding environment penetrates inside and becomes its part.“
Thus architecture materialized the philosophy of Etis, a company which designs and prints self adhesive graphic labels for the food industry.

The architecture is functional and uses a reduced range of elementary shapes and colours. The use of simple and clear visual elements creates the overall expression of the object, which consists of two main parts – business-administration and production-warehouse. The main entrance for customers is situated in the north-east façade. Production department is accessible directly from the lobby. The outer cover reflects the internal division of the building.
Office/production building of Etis is located in an industrial zone and its functional solution and shape is aimed at increasing the attractiveness of the area. Size of the building respects the regulations of this area and follows the structure of the surrounding low-rise buildings. The main façade is oriented to the street and in front of the building there is a parking lot for the visitors.

Main façade of the administrative part is formed by a glass curtain wall, edges of which emphasize the main entrance to the building. On the side facades there is a horizontal line of ribbon windows and a vertical line of windows that visually separate administrative part from the production part. Exterior cladding of the administrative part is made of façade panels of anthracite colour. For cladding of the production part corrugated steel sheets of silver colour were used. Framework of the object is formed by a steel skeleton construction.