AVINCIS winery

Located about 230 km northwest of Bucharest, on Olt Valley, the hills of Dragasani - an old winemaking tradition area - AVINCIS ensemble comprises: a mansion, a winery composed of two buildings (A and B) and the park. MANSION - built in 1905 in the neo-romanian style, was in semi-ruins but still standing up in June 2007 when we first visited the site and still having sufficient originating architecture elements to be worth restored. He ordered the space of the plateau dominating the buildings from the communist-era that were irrecoverable. Then was born the idea that has materialized; it meant keeping the mansion as ordering part of the whole composition. WINERY - A building, recalling the trunk of pyramid, contains the winemaking area.

On south facade is the tasting room with a partially covered terrace. Up on the building we have placed 3 guest houses made of wood. - B building, hosts around two courtyards, housekeeping functions and staff dwellings. The structure is made of reinforced concrete and the walls are form Porotherm bricks. PARK - includes besides alleys, a swimming pool surrounded by pergolas, reminding the cornice of disappeared household annexes, vegetable garden, vineyards and forest stand, the Bellevue pavilion.

In the ensemble composition, the little construction is to recenter the composition around the mansion outlining its role of ordering the space. We aimed to achieve an ensemble that falls into the category of sustainable buildings. We used clean alternative energy sources, pump heat wells for heating /cooling and solar panels for heating domestic water. A gray water storage tank recovered, reused to irrigate the park. The winery roof terrace is covered with earth and grass, that increases thermal insulation. The facades of new buildings are made of Arnota limestone, extracted from a quarry in the area.