Phoenix Zeppelin Headquarters

The Phoenix Zeppelin Headquarters is a hybrid building comprising diverse uses of offices/administration and services/repair centre with warehousing and technical areas located between them. The main business of the client is sales, servicing and renting of construction machinery.
The presence of the busy four-lane road adjoining the site and the requirement of the client to externally showcase the machines were the main starting points of the design process. Resulting design is a compact form clad by uniform sunscreen organized around a north-facing atrium. All office windows are orientated into this atrium thus reducing the traffic noise levels. Wings flanking the atrium overshadow each other thus reducing undesirable overheating and glare in the office area.
Metallic perforated shading on outside facades conceals all windows and openings resulting in elegant neutral plain facade serving as a background for display of building machinery.
Capital costs but also running costs and long-term sustainability were considered during the design process. Architectural concept including orientation to the sun and internal organization is determined by the need for energy-efficient buidling. Energy costs are minimized by providing generous thermal insulation. Heating and cooling capacity for the building is provided by two air-water heat pumps, interior spaces are mechanically ventilated with heat recovery ventilation system. Annual energy costs do not exceed 13W/m3, including warehouses with large gates.
Resulting design attempts to fuse rational functional approach with the ambition to create a confident building with cultural legacy. We hope that all these – often seen as contradictory - considerations are addressed in a balanced way and the finished building also provides comfortable and healthy working environment. We believe that the effort to make architecture with cultural ambitions should be present in all projects – including those with pragmatic briefs located in grey suburban contexts.
Built-up area 1.385sqm
Site area 25.268sqm