Industrial Base Dekko

This project represents the production base built for the Bulgarian light fixtures company DEKKO Ltd. It is located in the industrial zone of the Bulgarian capital Sofia.
The concept of the architectural design focuses on interpretation of packaging boxes, but hyperbolized to the size of a whole building. This has led to the extreme overhangings in the front and back (extreme from the Bulgarian anti-seismic building code point of view) and to the specific wavy treatment of the façade, resembling a magnified cardboard.
Functionally the building is divided into two separate zones: Zone 1 and Zone 2, each with its own vertical communication and possibility for independent functioning. Zone 1 serves as the production unit. Zone 2 can be rented or can serve as additional areas for production extension or storage zone.
The building is 3-storied, free-standing and is situated in a plot of 1726 sq m. There are a number of clearly defined technological zones: engineering (design) department; preparatory zone; assembly zone, packaging and storage; service zone.
The construction is a mix of a solid, concrete column and beam construction and an assembly metal construction. All outside and inside walls are executed with hollow ceramic blocks. The main façade elements are structural façade of eternit and stone tiling of granite.
All window frames are aluminium with interrupted thermal bridge. As specific façade details must be noted the movable elements – “valves”, realized with metal construction and eternit surface. These “valves” both secure or disguise ventilation and installation openings and at the same time secure light and natural ventilation in the service areas.
The building covers all law requirements for installation systems, including ventilation for all production zones, fire extinguishing installation, water and sewage, electrical installation.

Keeping in mind the investor’s clearly expressed desire for sustainable architecture and maximum independence, the following installations and technical modules have been provided:
- own independent treatment plant, the processed water being used for irrigation outside green areas
- own water source: deep drilling well. After two phases of purification (a physical and a chemical one), the water is used to cover household needs through underground concrete reservoir
- solar collectors are roof-installed to secure hot water for household needs
- another group of solar collectors secures the hot water for the floor heating
- the windows are Schüco with triple track outer frame to minimize heat losses

- to assist the building’s proper climatization the outer skin has been suspended. Specially designed ventilation valves of eternit+metal construction have been carefully designed and placed according to the winds prevailing in the region. The valves are automatically, mechanically controlled and open and close according to the climatic conditions
- the building has been equipped with BMS to control all installations with stress on light control
- Mineral wools thermal insulation and EPDM membrane water proofing have been laid on all outer skin facades plus the roof
- The area around the building has been treated with rubber alley walks and green areas. No artificial, poisonous or polluting materials have been used.