Father Collins Park

Located in a new area of north Dublin, Father Collins Park has been designed to link with the pedestrian routes of the surrounding developments. Ireland’s first self-sustaining park, it is ordered by a central promenade projecting into a man-made lake and flanked by five wind turbines which provide the energy for lighting, pumps, electronic vehicles and park buildings. A walking and cycling track circumnavigates the park and other amenities include playing pitches, picnic areas, playgrounds and a skate park. A wetland ecosystem was developed as an integral element of the sustainable urban drainage system that collects, attenuates, treats and recycles water within the park.

The planting in the wetlands and lake contribute to biodiversity by providing a food source and shelter for wildlife. In addition to new areas of structured planting, a mature woodland and an ancient hedgerow have been retained and both areas have been extensively supplemented with native tree species and ground flora.