House in Paderne

The O Courel mountain range in Galicia is a special place with an exceptional landscape and some untouched villages such as Paderne, where an existing old barn was recuperated to create a small single-family house. The thick ancient stone walls were preserved for use as a base for the new house, which has a spiral organisation with access at an intermediate point. The bedrooms are on the lowest level and the kitchen is located at the top where the continuous space is fragmented into two different levels in order to provide a place to enjoy a panoramic view of the extraordinary surroundings. In spite of the small size of the house, the spatial generosity of the section makes it comfortable and endows its everyday use with a certain grandeaur. The new structure is made of laminated wood mounted on the masonry walls and the slate roof and chestnut wood cladding are reminiscent of the ancient buildings of the village.