Residence in Sykamino

At first glance it seems that the design concept for this private home is based on merging it into the surroundings as much as possible. Located on a long and narrow rural site, the 60-metres-long roof rises slightly from the main volume, which has been imbedded into the ground, recalling the distant mountains of Euboea. Thus, although the house seems to partially disappear, at the same time it insistently manifests its presence and vigour.

The building shell is made of reinforced concrete, which is exposed on the roof and walls. The building’s shell is bicolour: concrete grey and transparent brown, complemented by the landscaping of the surroundings and earth of the planted roof. The latter contributes to the attainment of a proper microclimate, whereas its hydro-absorption capacity allows for the rainwater’s collection used for the plants’ irrigation. The vegetation on the roof is adjusted to the Greek climatic conditions, in particular those of Attica: helichrysum, drosanthemum, lavender, gauras, thyme. In this way, the self-sustaining, biodiverse ecosystem of the roof allows for the building to become part of the landscape.

The project’s sustainability is attained by passive means: while energy conservation is achieved by the immersion into the ground and the earthy covering intensifies the protecting, cantilevered roof, the transparency of the house is mitigated by iron frames, sun-protecting blinds, and metallic shutters.
The sculptural clarity of the concrete roof was achieved by means of the inversion of all beams but one, which abuts at the central column: the hearth.