Yacht Club of l'Estartit

L'Enstartit is a coastal enclaved located at the northern end of the bay of Pals, in the Geronese section of the Costa Brava. Situated in front of the Medas Islands –an area renowned for its rich and beautiful underwater wildlife – the harbor enjoys extensive mooring facilities for recreation and sports craft, making it a key departure point for sea journeys. It is also the home port of a small fishing fleet.
The building tries to integrate with the urban context by means of its radial layout and with the harbor by using a balance between solids and voids.
In this setting, confronting the sea, the building appears at the edge of a platform which is used as car parking, ending and separating it from the mornings, while simultaneously opening up towards the harbor. The building, placed at the corner of this platform, is organized into two pavilions which create a pedestrian walk along the waterside.
Of these two pavilions, the main one, which has a triangular plan and houses the club's offices, halls, small nautical library and bar, is oriented to the southwest, faces the mornings. It is organized longitudinally and houses the different services related to yachting.
Both pavilions have an independent roof, pitched towards the land so that when combined with the layout of their respective plans of differing dimensions, a clear contrast is this duality, at the intersection of both volumes. To reinforce this duality, at the intersection of both elements appears a perforating or void which, acting as a large window, selects the sea views seen from Paseo Maritimo.