Pedestrian Bridge over the Carpinteira River

The 220-metre-long footbridge draws a line on the landscape that determines and provides the possibility of movement over the Carpinteira River and across the valley. Two parallel steel beams clad in the same material delimit the 4.40 metres width of the deck, establishing its section. Four pillars support the deck: the two middle ones stand 1.75 metres high and have the same cladding and dimensions of the deck. The remaining two are circular and shorter due to their slope-side landings.

Almost invisible in the reading of the span, they are made of concrete partially covered with granite blocks and are formally and physically disconnected from the metal structure. The pavement and guardrails on the interior are wooden, providing a tactile experience that is simultaneous to the visual experience of the landscape at the end of the valley, an experience that up to now has been impossible.