D. Diogo de Menezes Square

The exterior treatment of the parking lot below D. Diogo de Menezes Square was conceived of as a roof surface platform with volumes that connected with the interior of the underground parking. There were two premises that were considered fundamental from the start: the impressive presence of the medieval stonewalls of Cascais’ fortress both during the day and at night, and the fact that the city lacks large public spaces. The response to these premises resulted in the choice of white concrete for the surface of the square based on its homogeneity and lack of colour.

Thus, the appearance of the square was neutral in terms of the fortress walls and at the same time, a large and spacious ambience was created. The role of light was also important in the architectural composition and special attention was focused on the lighting of the fortress walls and the surface of the square, as well as the translucent staircase boxes that continuously change colour.