Recreation and Culture Centre

Riudaura is a small town with 425 inhabitants at the beginning of a valley.
It has no public buildings apart from a church and the town hall square since the school is confined to the lower floor of a house. The town wanted a new public space for its cultural, leisure and sports activities to be built on a site at the entrance to the town, topographically in a depression opposite the church.
Given these special conditions in terms of both the social context as well as the site itself, the challenge consisted in designing a single space for such a complex programme. The new building captures its environment. It is laid out as a horizontal line that accompanies, displays and underscores the vertical event of the church. The transversal alignment frees up and typifies a new square at the front. It is also sited to oversee the play, dance and sports zone. The building permits a link betwen the two spaces through dark, deep, recurrent gateways.