NEBESA Tourist Mountain retreat

The »NEBESA« Mountain retreat at Livek near Kobarid is a 21st century complex located on the foundation of the previous century.

It is an architectural challenge ennobling this beautiful location as well as enabling the functional self-sufficency of the condominium. It is a site, where the modern and the traditional design meet, where exterior mingles with interior in a unique experience.
It is the only place, where the interior ambients simultaneously enable you to»climb« the Krn mountain, to »sail« to the Gulf of Triest, to »ski« over the Kanin mountains and to »struggle« in the front lines of the first World War.
Basically the neighbourhood relies on the traditional high mountain configuration. Cloddy building represents a shelter against rough, whereas the line arrangemant of individual units enables the absorption of the beneficial exterior influence. The views between these units are fascinating, unique and unrepeatable. They represent the panoramic curtain, constantly rediscovered part by part.
The foundation of natural, local materials is amalgamated with refined details and elements of topmost designers into a congruent entirety. Thus promising homely relaxed atmospere and high aesthetic delight.
Huge glass surfaces not only represent and ensure a climatic seclusion, but also blur the line between the two equivalent qualities (interior and exterior).
Staying in »Heaven« is a privilege rendered possible above all due to sensible and alluring architecture.
Rok Klanjš?ek, architect

With the holiday resort Livek near Kobarid Rok Klanjš?ek turns back to to roots of our building heritage, to the most elemntary foundations of architecture.
The resort of buildings reserved in terms of design and built of local materials is bound to local cultural identity.
Architecture giving shelter its natural environment shows its deep respect to the tradition of folk architecture..
Recreaction area is located on stip location, whereas the clod of houses with residential units mingles with picturesque site into natural entirety.

This is modern, technologically advanced architecture, which is locally recognized without the imitatation of historical elements.
The holiday resort is such, as if it were always there. The buildings are part of the site.
The silent work of Rok Klanjš?ek is a critical comment on the world of spectacular images and fashionable trends.
Professor Aleš Vodopivec, architect
"The architect faced the usual regulations concerning the buldings in the protected area. What does the local architecture look like? It orginates in technological restrictions, its traditional shapes are frozen for future. Tourist settelment Livek shows us that creative approach is possible also in protected areas. Clustered houses are actually a deceit.The whole plateau has a cellar. There are additional rooms and a swimming pool, which overview the surroundings. The language of the architecture is purified, clear and schematic."
Andrej Hrausky, architect