Chateau Mukhrani Winery

The parabolic sloped green roof above the new Winery building creates the “absence” of the architectural volume when looking from the historical Chateau; creates grass amphitheater for festivals; works for some sustainability reasons (helping to have the required temperature (14-16 Celsius) for wine maturation and storing).

Situated in 30 min drive from Tbilisi, Chateau Mukhrani Complex (Listed Monument: Park, vineyards, historical Chateau, underground wine Cellars and the new Winery) is a long term project (started 2006) of the rehabilitation of the historical Domain of Bagration-Mukhrani Royal dynasty, which was totally damaged during the Soviet time.

Except of the restoration and reconstruction of the existing buildings, we were asked by the Private owner to rehabilitate the existing poor quality Winery building from late soviet times, which was standing next to the historical Chateau, in 20 m distance, built above the historical wine Cellars, disturbing the historical environment.
We proposed to not rehabilitate, but to destroy this box-type building and build the new Winery much further from the historical building (on the line and next to the existing underground wine cellars) and push it partially underground. The new building was built one the continuation of the existing underground connection line - tunnel Chateau cellar - wine cellars, therefore creating one connected whole.
All this was covered by the sloped parabolic grass green roof (Caucasian carpet pattern with different sorts of grass) with no facade elements from Chateau side.

Side and rear facades use concrete, old brick, wood cladding, steel and aluminium frames, vertical glass blocks. W-shaped (=wine) steel columns support the sloped reinforced concrete structure. Interior is also concrete and old brick, with some industrial flooring.
The average cost of the construction was 600 euro/m2, total cost for the new Winery and underground Cellars reconstruction - 2 million Euros.