Archaeological Site Center

Purpose of Archaeological Site Center - place for current archaeological activities as well as permanent exhibition of onsite excavations.

Located on once busy trading place at the western gate ,entrance to capital of Georgia, Tbilisi.
Beautiful green meadow (being an archaeologists interest and owned by private company) become place were Environmental Conciseness, Respect for Cultural Past and Business faced itch other.

Business group was building its “New Technology Center” (Educational spaces, offices, trading and storage spaces). While constructing, many artifacts were founded on site. After long discussions with local authorities and archaeologists it was decided to build small “Archaeological site center”.
Place chosen for building site has to be right in front of “New Technology Center», sow the roof of 1 store new building would be visible from 4 store building. Solution was : Creating typical for south – east Georgian Architecture, Earth sheltered structure,
So that roof vegetated with local plants and separated from walls with glassing, looked like “ excavated ground” just out of surrounding landscape. Building is fitted in the landscape from three sides and is opened to main road.
Plan of the building is two connected spaces, one for permanent exhibits and another useful for archaeologists, working on nearby sites, as well as workshops and small conferences.

Reinforced concrete frame, caring 170 sq.m. Slab, With South Facing skylights provide necessary day light and at the same time work as natural ventilation outlets, as well as PV panel mounting Structure. Green roof system and thermal envelope created necessary comfort for people working and visiting center as well as low cost for maintenance. River stone from excavated old structures was used as supporting wall for landscape.
Rain water is harvested for both buildings and used for site and roof irrigation.