Floating Piers for Water Skiing

A floating pier for water skiing is beyond the traditional understanding of architecture and reaches more wide perception of art. Its aesthetical values are based on golden ratio. The object forms the character of light and sculptural architecture.

Kvareli lake is located in a mountainous area of Kakheti, Georgia. The resort is surrounded with Mount Caucasus, to the southern side the complex has an open view to the massive valley of Alazani. Existing hotel had a plan to bring new recreational activity of water skiing with its necessary infrastructure for the visitors. The lake serves as a reservoir for the artificial hydroelectric station for the energy, which changes the level of water. With foreseeing the existing factors the proposal offers the movable structure, which floats on the water surface and follows the change of level. The lake has a platform for temporary fixation of the pier, which is connected, to the shore with an adjustable staircase. The pier can be connected to the motorboat and swim which gives the possibility to become a floating viewpoint, visitors can observe the environment from different points with different views.

The main concept of the project is to satisfy the function and to adapt esthetically in the environment.
The silhouette of the structure forms 2 thin surfaces with single line. A flat surface as a platform to stand and a flat surface as a roof, which serves as a cover from the rain, the sun and motorboats.
The space between the surfaces serves as a mediator between the land and the water, which is focused to the infinity. Two horizontal thin lines, one floating on the water and the other in the air, are connected with vertical elements, made of steel. Relationship of vertical and horizontal lines, achieves dynamism in the air. Levitating roof, which is minimally connected to the floating base of piers, makes impression of lightness, which is the main idea of the work.
The source of inspiration is taken from the history, as a platform, floating on the water, made from wooden logs, is a local tradition of entertaining, leisure and recreation.
The roof of the pier is cantilevered; the problem of the asymmetric weight balance is solved with the principles of the gravity and buoyancy to keep the structure leveled horizontally.

The main material of the project is metal pipes (RHS beams), plastic barrels under the platform which are replaceable if damaged, serve as floaters, specific water isolated roof panels, larch decking. Metal elements are covered with anti corrosion paint which is used in shipbuilding.