K. Dineika's wellness park

Historical K. Dineika's wellness park regeneration in Druskininkai resort

The park started operating at the end of the 19th century. This place located near the Ratnyčia stream was a popular promenade among local residents and visitors. The sun, air and bathing facilities, separate sectors for men, women and children have been established in the territory of the park. Gymnastics, sport activities, swimming and other activities for separate groups were also organised here. The park also had an area for nudists. The park constitutes a part of the historic “Path of the Sun”, urbanistic structure and landscape of the city. Furthermore, it is also the nucleus of the sanatorium resort.
After restoration of independence of Lithuania, the park was neglected. In 2011, the Government included the Health Part of Druskininkai City in the list of planned public tourism projects for which the European Union funding has beenattracted.

The main vision is to create a high quality public space in the context of rich nature restoring unique historic and preserved elements of the park and enriching the urbanistic background of the resort city. It is planned to restore access to medicinally justifiable procedures applied in the past, restore the popularity of the park, and create a space for passive and active rest of the society and enhancement ofthe public health in the park without changing its purpose and taking advantage of natural resources and physical education facilities.

In 2015 park were accomplished. The cascade bathing waters and the aerohydro-ionization therapy pavilion have been reconstructed, the feetacupressure pool has been put in order, the main parkway has been restored and the park pathways have been developed. A sports path with mechanical training devices has been arranged in the eastern part of the park, playing and exercising areas for children have been equipped, leisure, yoga, chess areas, terraces have been equipped on the arranged slopes of the Ratnyčia stream. The precious landscape of the park has been enriched by different compositions of plants.

Due to the natural enviroment ecological aspect was very important. As much as possible exiscting reinforced concrete structures are used for renovated buildings. Natural wood is used for facades and other surfaces.