The Perret Hall - Cultural Centre

Transformation, renovation, and extension of a Perret market building for a cultural centre housing a music school, a dance school, a broadcast room, and a recording studio.

The quality of the reinforced concrete hall of the Perret brothers in Montataire is transformed here by the release of the original frames.

Walking, waiting and practicing music are activities based on this slender concrete landscape bathed in natural light. The tripartite facility, housing a music school, a dance school or a broadcast hall takes advantage of the height of the central wing to form part of the structure’s core and extend from one point to the other. The spaces between the framework and the program are released to become meeting places and artistic expression that extend the urban space.

The concrete keenness of Perret brothers, covers the new uncluttered volume in order to reveal it. The use of three quarters of the footprint of the existing structure creates a negative space to develop a covered outdoor gallery illuminated at night.