Hotel and Restaurant in the ancient Montalván Pottery Factory (Triana, Seville)

Hotel and Restaurant in an ancient Montalván Pottery Factory.
The Montalván Pottery Factory finished its production as a ceramics factory in 2012. After its closure and new acquisition it has been rehabilitated for a new use: Hotel and Restaurant.

The work in question is located in Seville, in the neighborhood of Triana, it is a project in the Montalván pottery factory. This factory was one of the three pottery sets that remain in Triana (Seville).
It is a project that comes from a slow work of documentation and recycling that concludes in a building with a proposal based on innovation. From a property investigation of the building, it has reached a result where all the pottery that was left on the shelves of the old Montalván Factory (today Restaurant and hotel) has been recycled to create an absolutely contemporary architecture where you can enjoy the industrial and colour past of the Triana ceramics from a contemporary point of view.

-Heritage intervention from the knowledge produced by the detailed and direct Investigation on real estate. Innovation in intervention on heritage.
- Innovation in recycling. It starts from a very sustainable environmental guidelines, where everything that was previously discarded today is reused to achieve contemporary architectures, solvent, eco-efficient and aesthetic results of high innovation.
- A unique building has been made, not standardized, a work where the architect is absolutely necessary, essential for his creative proposal and carried out. It is not a prototypal or a repeatable work, since taking advantage of the materials of its own residue, it makes something new emerge.
- An imbricated relationship is considered in the Patrimony. That is not an old-new or past-present relation, but a unique research about a particular place. A way of doing architecture from contemporary guidelines and always based on the detailed knowledge of the property, its cultural and anthropic situation.

-- The structure of the building becomes a fundamental part of the architectural intervention as there are different situations in the building where emergent archeology and architecture approach to generate situations of great spatial interest.
- Using recycling materials from the building that has been restaured. Everything that where inside.