Cycle and Pedestrian Path under the Adolphe Bridge


Construction of a new bicycle bridge under the historical Bridge “Pont Adolphe“ with underground spaces for the entries

The installation of a bicycle path was not suitable for the new Adolphe Bridge to be rehabilitated.
On the basis of these considerations, the solution was to install this new cycle path between the arches of the renovated Adolphe Bridge under the roadway.

The general view of the Adolphe Bridge, which is protected by UNESCO, should hardly be changed: the new bicycle path should integrate as much as possible without changing the overall view of the bridge.
The result is a modern interaction between "old" and "new".

The view from the inside is interrupted by the lines and arches of the 154 m deep bridge. The impression of space and perspective develops depending on the position.

Access is via tunnels for cyclists and a staircase for pedestrians on the upper town side (Gëlle Fra).

Elliptical openings in the tunnel ceiling will provide additional lighting and ventilation. They also create a visual and acoustic relationship and interact with the overlying infrastructure.

Volume of 4.00 m width by approx. 3.80 m height consists of a light metal construction.
It is fastened to the ceiling by means of tie rods.

The deck has a triangular shape which is covered with metal. It was designed to have a filigree structure so as not to damage the historical image of the bridge.
The orthotropic plate is epoxy coated with a thickness of 6 mm.

Shock absorbers are installed on the abutments to absorb the longitudinal forces in the decks.
The bridge is fastened in four different places: on the bridge piers and pilasters to improve the results of the bridge dynamics.

The railing is a 1.40 m high stainless steel mesh fixed by rods and longitudinal ropes.