Urban Modular

Urban Modular is an urban intervention in public space consisted of wooden modular elements. Its main goal is to escape the classical way of sitting in public space on a bench, but give opportunity to people to experience the public environment from different levels.

Urban Modular is an urban furniture and is initiated from the idea to create a seat for one person in public space. It experiments the possibility of combination between the different modulars in order to escape the typical sitting on a bench. It wants to enhance sitting in different heights in the public space, where people could experience diverse views and sitting arrangements. It was located on two abandoned public spaces in Tetovo and Prilep, Macedonia. During the construction, young people were engaged where they could learn about working with wood and get involved in the changes in their public space. This is a sustainable project that drives up the local economy. It was used local wood and local carpenter from both locations.

Urban modular is an urban intervention in public park in city of Tetovo, Macedonia. The small park is characterized with diverse activities (sport field, kids swings, benches) for different age groups and it is very much used by the citizens but it is in neglected conditions.
The urban modular intervention consists of 47 modules and 11 different types that with different combinations create diverse ways of sitting. Its main goal is escaping the common way of sitting in public space at one level. The intervention wants to enhance diverse possibilities and connections between people and the public space.
It is set on an already existing concrete tub. This way it is not necessary to construct a foundation and makes it sustainable for the park.
It is oriented so it can accept as much sun during entire day and people can use it for resting, sunbathing, reading a book etc. Already existing tree is taken as a potential for the location, so when it grows up it can serve as a natural shade. Additionally, it is positioned in order to follow sports plays, serve as scenography for drama plays, poetry reading, etc.

Urban modulars are wooden and are crafted in carpentry as units and later are connected on site. This characteristic of the intervention makes it more suitable for different locations and makes the work more practical on site.
During the mounting of the intervention, 15 local children took participation while cleaning the already neglected park, and mounting the easily mountable intervention together with 15 students in architecture in workshop organized by MELEEM. This way the project creates higher conscious about the public space between citizens of Tetovo.