Exhibition Hall in the former Santo Domingo Convent

Refurbishment of Exhibition Hall in the former Santo Domingo Convent (Huescar)

The intervention is carried out in one of the original wings with wood paneling, later reinforced to be used as a wheat store and in the annexed ship that was demolished. The intervention respects to the maximum the existing one and it tries to make a recovery of the space and adaptation to exhibition room of low cost. There is a new staircase leading to the upper floor. The slab, which had sunk, has been replaced with a ripple on the underside that acoustically works very well. Carpentry is reused by filtering the light with alabaster.

Following the former project by Antonio Jimenez Torrecillas the project combines contemporary new elements as the stair with the respect for the historic building.

Traditional construction in the restoration and aluminium light technology staircase -