Duplex in Turniškės

Two-family house in the valley of the river Neris, surrounded by a pine forest.

The main concept comes from constantly changing nature. Unity of the monolithic shapes and simple volumes emphasize natural environment.
Houses of the same plan structure arranged perpendicularly and connected by a common underground parking. The main axis of structure is an atrium with a staircase which joins three levels of the house: basement, ground floor, and the first floor. Ground floor space is structured on the open plan principle. Kitchen, dining area, living zone and home office is planned around staircase with skylight.
Bedrooms are placed on the first floor. Children‘s rooms are separated from the master bedroom by a slightly different floor level and the glass atrium which divides the house volume. Thus a graceful and dynamic silhouette is created with different roof heights, pushed through the facade planes.

All of the technical utilities and parking is placed in the basement. The road to access the garage is hidden between two volumes and is almost invisible from all perspectives, thus the forest surrounding the house is not disturbed by any vehicles. Sharp shapes of stone cover external walls and extend to the interior, while planes of glass façade are designed in a way that from inside, the relationship with surrounding landscape seems fluid.

Structure of the building is made of reinforced concrete and supported by metal columns. Ventilated cladding system is used for façade which has a custom grid made of natural Jura Marble stone. A white matt stone is highlighted by glass curtainwalls in a dark aluminium frame.