Fleinvær Refugium

TYIN tegnestue has teamed up with Rintala Eggertsson architects to complete a unique workspace in northern Norway.

‘fordypningsrommet fleinvaer’ is the vision of håvard lund, a jazz musician and composer who acquired the site in 2004. ‘initially it was meant as a workplace for myself, a writing lodge of sorts,’ explains lund. ‘as time went on, I felt an urge, a need, to share what I had found on fleinvær with others. I wanted to create a workspace unlike anything else. the project comprises a series of volumes, which step down the hill towards the sea. visitors arriving by boat are greeted with a sauna that hovers above the water. a former waiting room in the old docks has been refurbished to accommodate overnight guests, while four small sleeping units are found further up the hillside. two of these are short and wide with twin beds, with the other two each containing two bunk beds. a pathway leads through these lodges towards the concert room and the canteen.

-at the top of the hill, the architects created a modern interpretation of the sami people’s traditional storehouse — the njalla. built on the trunk of a chopped tree, the structure is enclosed in a steel skeleton, which was pre-made in trondheim by arnt waaberg (an old friend of lund and the project’s practical consultant) and NTNU students. sitting atop a pillar, the building — which has been designed as a place of immersion and reflection — offers sweeping views of the site and the norwegian sea beyond.

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