Winery VV by Vinetiq

Winery VV by Vinetiq blends sustainability and functionality with tradition, landscape and architecture

Inspired by the atypical nature of the brief, Winery VV is a project that derives its individuality from its place and architecture. Located in the middle of the beautiful rural area of Flanders, old asparagus fields made place for the Valke Vleug Winery in Puurs, covering a vineyard of 17 000 vines. Respecting the Flemish tradition, Vincent Van Duysen Architects embedded the project in the existing landscape paying homage to the old agricultural buildings in the rural area of Klein Brabant.

Liezele, a small hamlet 30 minutes south of Antwerp, is a fertile area where small agricultural farmsteads are traditionally growing asparagus, where green fields, small streams, aligned with rows of willow- or poplar trees are defining the structure and mood of this beautiful rural Flemish landscape.

“Valcke Vleug”, the small stream/brook dividing and giving name to the VV winery, is literally “the flight of the Falcons” in old days typical birds in the area, an illustration of the rich natural beauty, an illustration of the character of the place. It’s this character on this specific location, close to the owners house, that starts the building of ‘a once in a lifetime project’: an hedonistic estate that allows to grow 4,2 hectares of cool climate wines, to enjoy horse-riding in nature and enjoy life and culture in all its aspects with family and friends.

The architecture by Vincent Van Duysen pays homage to the of Flemish Farmsteads, archetypical in its form and sturdy functional in its setting, the same building elements were part of the demolished asparagus farm on the site, but also have been an integral part of the rural heritage for centuries before.

Materials: grey/brown concrete, wood, lava stone, brickwork, steel