National Song Festival Arena

Artificial forest for choir of 20 000 singers

Latvian nationalwide Song and Dance Celebration is core cultural event in Latvia. It brings together singers from all regions of Latvia thus forming the choir of up to 20000 singers. A unique acapella singing tradition it is included in UNESCO list of masterpieces of the Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity.

The concept of “Silver Grove on a Hill of Songs” is formed in associations with the Latvian landscape and the wisdom from Latvian folk songs. The tribune of singers symbolically represents “Mountain”. The basic element of the roof construction is “Tree”. The roof structure above the tribune is formed by intertwining of branches - “Grove”. Acoustic panels, lights and membrane attached to the roof structure forms “Foliage” - the base for stage scenography and spatial acoustics. The newly built stage and spectator area increases capacity and promotes a more dynamic flow of people. There are 12,874 seats for singers in the tribune. 10 choir entrances
have been created. The enlarged spectator area has 30,511 seats or 67,437 standing spaces.

Choir tribune - concrete
Roof construction - metal structure
Acoustic reflectors - plywood