La Llotja Theatre and Congress

La Llotja is a new symbol for Lleida from offering panoramic views over the city. Emerging from the bank of the Segre River as a natural stone monolith, the building provides shadow and shelter beneath its huge cantilever. The 1,000-seat theatre features two flexible conference halls, an exhibition hall, two multifunctional foyers, a restaurant, lounges, parking, terraces, office and retail space as well as a large public square. Visitors ascend a grand staircase to the raised foyer on the second level, which ushers them into both auditoria. The adjacent complex forms seating stands for a public open-air theatre. With black walls in which tree shaped light silhouettes have been cut out, the theatre resembles an orchard. Thousands of leaf shaped ceiling lights and a colour palette of the region’s fruit production recurs throughout. Rooftop photovoltaic cells and a solar water heater on the roof minimise electricity load and during warmer months, the facade is kept closed.