Dwelling house «Baltiyska Hall»

The designed house is located in a quiet area of beautiful Lviv in a block of low-rise buildings and villas and has taken a favorable place in the infrastructure system of the block.
This is a club house. Its idea was formed by the task of ambitious customers.

The customers wanted to design a unique and comfortable house for themselves according to all the cutting-edge engineering principles and modern architectural style.
The project combines two styles that continue to shape modern world architecture. The Organic architecture and Minimalism styles constantly break through our borders and settle in the Ukrainian homes. The project used the most modern world analogues of architecture and design.

An aesthetic combination of materials can be found on the facades of the house. The constant combination of blank walls and glass with more traditional materials such as wood and stone is dictated by the style of Organic Architecture.
The distinctive feature of the house is its openness and simplicity of forms - this is Minimalism. Minimalism seeks to abandon the use of decorative means and elements, believing that the presence of walls and a roof is enough for architecture.
It is important that the house is comfortable - this is ensured by the availability of the elevator and underground parking.
The presence of niches on the terraces and balconies will help the house not to lose its uniqueness after the installation of external air conditioner units. They will be hidden inside. Open terraces increase the operational properties of the house and provide freshness with its local landscaping.

The building is ecological - the supporting concrete framework is filled with hollow ceramic bricks with mineral wool insulation, which makes it not typical of other new buildings. The house has a combined wet and ventilated facade.
The adjacent territory is illuminated and equipped with all the sites for the maintenance of the house: a children's playground, a recreation area, a guest parking lot for cars.