Club Town 12

Club town "12" - human scale

The residential complex "Club town 12" is a unique complex that includes twelve sections of low-rise buildings near the center of the city of Ivano-Frankivsk and within walking distance to the river. The predominant number of floors in residential apartment buildings is 4 floors. Individual green recreation areas are provided for residents of apartments on the first floors, and roof terraces are arranged for apartments on the upper floors. An original landscape design was developed and implemented for the entire territory of the complex. There are children's playgrounds for different age categories, a sports ground, a BBQ area. There is a separate multi-level parking lot and guest parking lots on the territory of the complex. Also, the territory of the complex is supplemented with art objects.

The complex is located on a former industrial area that is being reconstructed. The territory of the complex is equidistant from the historical center of the city and from the recreational area of the river. After the reconstruction, the area connected the parts of the city that for many decades were separated by abandoned industrial areas.
For more than two decades, multi-apartment housing has been built in Ivano-Frankivsk, high-density and multi-story - 9 or more floors. At the start of the design of the residential complex, the architects, together with the client, decided to implement the concept of building multi-apartment housing of the most comfortable scale for people - 4-6 floors, with a perimeter arrangement of buildings, semi-open yards, free from vehicles. Landscaping of the courtyards was carried out with the use of park landscape elements and techniques. The set and arrangement of the functions of the courtyard are selected and arranged in such a way as to ensure the full functioning of the complex as a complete ecosystem designed not only for high-quality and comfortable living of residents, but also for the formation of a special community-space.

Construction was carried out on difficult geological soils. The foundations under the buildings are made of concrete piles. The structural solution of the building is the most traditional for the region – prefabricated reinforced concrete floors on load-bearing walls made of heat-efficient ceramic bricks of local production. Balconies are made of light metal structures and are located on the facade in such a way as to prevent their accidental glazing. On the flat roofs of the buildings there are recreation areas for the residents of the apartments on the upper floor, and on the roof of the parking lot there is a multifunctional sports ground. The facades of the buildings are lined with clinker tiles with energy-efficient insulation. Before the improvement of the territory, soil reclamation was carried out. The parking lots for guest cars are made of eco-paving.