Fayna Town (stage 5)

The project broke the rule of three "Locations" in Ukrainian real estate. It showed that people are ready to move here, although it is not in the city center. People want to live in a humanistic environment that makes them happier.

Half-open blocks with varying amount of levels in sections (to maximize the number of corner flats for the best layout options)), PRO-apartments (our method to calculate functionality of every functional zone in the flat), 3 km of pedestrian promenade with a bicycle ring, and a Smart street.

We move away from the usual physical layout of the blocks, streets, and spaces themselves and move on to planning the metaphysics of emotional relationships. It is important for us to build a cohesive community and create new values. Recently we were invited by the complex dwellers to participate in their charity fair as honorable members - a great honor for architects. The complex became the first one to change the paradigm of dwelling in Ukraine and changed the Ukrainian market standards a lot. Also, the complex is regularly visited by young architects, and recently Kyiv Landscape Department officials visited the complex to adopt new practices.

We paid special attention to the rain garden. Its main practical function is to collect excess rainwater. It will reduce the load on the main sewage system while creating an attractive landscape.

Setting up rain gardens is a common urban planning practice abroad, but we are just beginning to take the first steps in this direction.

Reinforced Concrete Structure, brick, gas concrete blocks;
Natural stone, a fairly simple assortment of trees and shrubs, as well as flood-resistant perennials.