13 Detached Family houses for IDPs in Staryy Bykov in Nova Basan community of Chernihiv region, Ukraine

13 Private Homes for War-Affected Ukrainian IDP Families in Deoccupied Village: Fostering Integration and Self-Sufficiency

Within a mere three months, we've achieved something extraordinary - constructing 13 private houses in the deoccupied village of Stary Bykiv. This construction was more than just bricks and mortar; it was about:

- breathing life into the village in post-war devastation;
- achieving this on a shoestring budget, in fact, within traditional temporary module plastic house costs;
- infusing the village with fresh energy and skills.

The backdrop of the war in Ukraine has left countless families displaced and robbed of their homes. Around the world, temporary refugee settlements turn into isolated pockets. That falls families into the trap of long-term aid dependency.
The cost of temporary modular housing and the hefty annual aid spent per IDP family gives roughly 45k euros). So, we set out to design a house that could accommodate an average family, complete with necessities. A house within existing villages, offering jobs to these families, eliminating the need for prolonged assistance. And we achieved this within a budget of 40-50k euros per house.
The breakthrough came with a community willing to dedicate nearly two hectares of land in Stary Bykiv village. With our standard 50 sqm house design, we brought life back to this part of the village, accommodating 13 IDP families. These families will have homes and job, graciously offered by the community.
The strategic plan for expanding the project encapsulates the careful adaptation of the architectural plan to suit diverse climates and community requirements, forming a replicable model for similar projects in varied Ukrainian locales.

Delving into the world of construction, we weren't just looking for buildings; we were chasing a dream. We sought speed, affordability, and sustainability - the trifecta of modern living. But we weren't architects or builders; we were dreamers with a vision.
We realized that our best bet was in tried-and-tested methods, a technique often disregarded in Ukraine before the war - timber framing. Quick, easy, and economical. A path less trodden, but one that made perfect sense.
Armed with SketchUp, we embarked on a journey of design. We weren't just envisioning homes; we were crafting lives.
In the result our houses are made of dreams and materials:
A foundation of solid concrete, timber frames, insulated floors, walls, and ceilings, cocooning warmth and comfort. Exterior walls dressed in imitation timber, and interior walls adorned in charming panels, a canvas for memories.
Roof clad in profiled sheets, a shield against storms and rain.
In this house, warmth arises from electric heating and a wood-burning stove.
Water flows from a private well, waste finds its way to a septic tank. Furniture and plumbing fill this home, completing the picture - a portrait of dreams realized.