Science center VIZIUM

Science Centre in Ventspils was designed as a union of architecture and landscape.

The hill leads to the roof terrace with access to the public facilities (café, conference hall and main lobby) on the first floor. Further development of the building continues along the roof slope towards the observation deck, which offers impressive panoramic views.

The building itself is also divided into two parts for functional reasons – the science centre forms the lower part of the volume, while the innovation centre occupies the 6 floors of the upper part.

Instead of proposing a landmark on the bridge axis, we leave it open and inviting. The silhouettes of the building and the hill osculate here. New public spaces such as the science hill mounting up from the plain, an open-air roof terrace and an overlook spot are designed for both the locals and city guests.

The façade of the building is made of glass with copper finishing sheets. In order to prevent the copper from losing its dark golden tone over time, these metal sheets have been specially treated by means of a technique used for the first time in Latvia.