Targ Blonie_Food Market

Bazaars offering local agricultural products strengthen the city’s resilience and equal opportunities for healthy and low-cost food for all social groups, strengthening micro-entrepreneurship and neighbourly ties.

The renovated open market is located in the commune of Blonie, a small town near Warsaw. The local community has been cultivating the tradition of fairs for centuries, and the market has been very popular and for years has provided access to cheap, good quality food sold directly by producers and farmers. The Commune of Blonie decided to revamp it to address poor sanitary standards and the lack of basic market infrastructure.

Hybrid public space combine two social functions – a park and a bazaar. White roofs reflect the sun rays and provide shelter from the rain. The stepped merchant displays can be used as seats and a space for spontaneous meetings. In the heart of the market there is a bar connected with a playground for children and a community table. Naturalistic green islands were designed around the roofing and pavilions. Trees and shrubs that provide food and shelter to birds and insects will, upon reaching a certain height, offer extra shade for open-air trading posts. Rainwater from the roof is retained in rain bowls, and its excess waters the plants and seeps into the soil. Completing the whole design are various street furniture fixtures, such as bicycle racks, boulders, bird and insect houses, a community table, playgarden with wood-carved animal-shaped rockers has been designed. A park-bazaar hybrid, Targ Blonie improves the microclimate, strengthens micro-entrepreneurship, and gives residents access to locally produced food in the open air, strengthening the city’s resilience in times of food and climate crises.

Metal, Wood, Corrugated sheet metal, Greenery, Water